XYZ Printing Enters The 3D Industrial Printing Market

XYZ Printing

XYZ printing is known for introducing the most affordable, user friendly and accessible desktop 3Dprinters in the market with varied specs and features to make it an extremely fruitful journey for professionals as well as entry level 3Dprinting enthusiasts.  Now the company is entering 3Dindustrial printing market and ready to launch machines at Formnext from November 14th to 17th which is powered by TCT. It will take place in Frankfurt Germany.

The two printers available for qualified customers are stated below along with the three Digital Light Processing (DLP) solutions.

MfgPro230 xS – the first selective laser sintering (SLS) machine ideal for small business production and designing procedures of engineering:

It’s the laser Sintering system, designed for general manufacturing, and aerospace, automotive and engineering market. It give users the ability to print in ample of plastic materials The build volume of the 3D printer is 230x230x230cm which has the capability to produce wide amount of engineering parts for the mentioned industries. It prints at the speed of 1 liter per hour and helps to shorten design verification procedures, reduce D&D (Design and Development) costs and allows the users to realize product concepts in D&D stage. It comes with a removable build tray that enhances productivity and intuitive software helps to print more effectively. It is available at a price of $60,000 USD in Q1 of 2018.

PartPro350 xBC Binder-Jet Full-Colour 3D printer which is extremely productive and built on high quality speed page wide printing technology:

The colour3D printer is designed keeping in architects and designers in mind. The building speed is up to 18mm per hour with full capacity building and therefore it will be the revolutionary mass production machine for all industries.  Imagine full color printing in a single process so all steps of printing, coloring and curing can be inculcated in one go.  It is possible because of binder jetting technology. The 1600 dpi high color resolution will build parts more accurately and the removable built tray will boost the efficiency and build full color 3D objects swiftly. You also enjoy instant printing with advanced slicing software which will help to slice your draw effectively with two modes and make printing more flexible. To begin with new job new build tray can be replaced immediately. This remarkable printer is available from $30,000 USD.

The three DLP solutions suitable for professionals at desktop size are listed below:

First is PartPro100 xP which helps to print with robust, tough and standard resins. Ideal for end number of applications in several industries it offers quality speed and precision to build custom parts safely and precisely. The printer will be available around the second quarter of 2018 at a price of $2399.

The other two printers are designed for the jewelry and dental market. The DentPro100 xP is a medical 3D printer and desktop DLP printer suitable for dental applications offering high resolution, precision and speed. It is compatible with XYZ printing’s FDA Class 1 certified dental resin as well as its biomedical resin which will be available for a cost of $2,699 advanced during the quarter of 2018.

On the other hand the CastPro100 xP  can print objects of 2.8 cm height in just an hour. This high resolution 3Dprinter is perfect where precision and details are mandatory. The easy to use software prints more intricately and compatible with huge amount of resin materials. It supports XYZ’s FDa class 1 certified dental resin for biomedical resin and tooth modeling available at a price of $2699 and expected to come in the first quarter of 2018.

XYZ printing also establishes three strategic alliances and announced to expand in industrial 3Dprinting. It will join crowd funding platform and Our Crowd will invest in Nexa 3D which makes high quality and fast speed sereolithography professional grade 3D printers. XYZ printing will be selling Nexa3D printers under their brand name and manufacture various other white labeled products which will be on the behalf of Nexa3D who have been a part of many vertical markets.

The new alliance of XYZ is with Digital Wax systems and they are seeking to enhance the adoption of reasonably priced professional 3Dprinters around the world.

For delivering large format plastic extrusion printers XYZ has linked with Sicnova and these printers are designed for manufacturing tailored fixtures and jigs across the globe. In second half of 2018, XYZwill offer its branded version of JCR1000 and JCR 600 platforms which will be sold through their expanded 3D printing channel.

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