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3d printer smartphone

$100 Smartphone 3D Printer

Professor of mechanical engineering at Taiwan Tech and his research team have created a $100 smartphone-powered 3D Printer. It uses visible light emitted from a phone to cure the resin instead of UV light...

Apple 3D Printer iMakerbot4

A Unique Color 3D Printer Under Apple Patent

After becoming world leader in cell phone selling, Apple show its next move in 3D Printing industry. Recently a unique color 3D Printer was published under Apple patent application showing interesting 3D printing making....

nGen 3D Printing filament

colorFabb Released 3D Printing Filament

colorFabb, a Dutch materials manufacturer is releasing new line of 3D Printing filaments called nGen. With collaboration of global chemicals developer Eastman Chemical Company, they have developed copolyester material as part of their Amphora...