ReFil Could Be The Best Alternative For 3D Printing Material

Filaments are plastic-based ink used by 3D printer to print any object and we all are aware with it. With the use of Filaments, makers have been making nice-to-haves’ to Prosthetics but did you ever think about using another materials which is more sustainable and can be recycled easily?


ReFil produced by the Better Future Factory (BFF) appears to be the best alternative for 3D Printing material. Due to large demand of 3D printer, 3D Printing materials are too in huge demand and having two options in hand is really great specially when you get something which can be recycled and more sustainable than filaments. The founder of ReFil, BFF is a multi-disciplinary design & engineering company and develops creative yet realistic and sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues. BFF developed ReFill because 3D printers are used for huge spectrum of applications serving the professional market and home users giving economical benefit that contribute to a better future in this growing sector.

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