Power Of 3D Printing That Reconnects With Your Symmetry

3D printing technology is being appreciated in every sphere. Its incredible characteristics have boosted the quality of every business.  Whether it’s printed cutlery, restaurant business, clothing sector, music world (where the use of artificial intelligence is made to develop music products like headsets, mics, etc.) or NASA inventions, everything is getting 3D treatment. 3D printing has made its way at the drop of a hat around the world making every possibility a reality.

Unfortunately, the acceptance of technology is limited to West and still need to hit the nail on the head to be acceptable in India. The head innovations Tanmay shah at Imaginarium (3d Printing company in Mumbai), says Indian market still need to make this technology mainstream and innovate their businesses by bridging the knowledge gap.

Jewellery World:

Gauri and Rashika Tandon from Isharya has launched 3D printing jewellery a few months ago. They said, they can print the most intricate and interlocking designs quickly and perfectly. Designs are first casted in brass and then they are gold plated. With 3D printing, people can customize designs and create personalized jewellery uniquely.

3D printing jewellery

Medicine and Automobile:

Another growing sector is Automobiles and Italian automotive designer Michele Anoe took keen interest in 3D printing technology to bring reality in their designs.  Automotive companies use 3D printing for rapid prototyping.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies: 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, and Direct Digital Manufacturing

However, medicine field has made the most of this technology whether it is creating implants, pre surgery models or prosthetics. Pandorum technologies, a biotech company based in Bangalore has made headlines in 2015 for printing 3D liver tissues and are presently putting their best foot forward for replicating cornea and skin tissues.  Now, entire organs are being 3D printed as stated by Arun Chandru and it is the most efficient, reasonable and ethical substitute to animal testing.

The year 2017 has been the most productive year when it comes to building things from 3D printing technology. Samvit Blass  from LiGHT-FiSH Studio, Auroville made light fixture components that he designed using 3D and the collection is outrageous and he stays, still the technology in India is evolutionary and not revolutionary.  It is ideal for prototyping, custom building and doing many more things.

As one can see that now the cat is out of the bag, but still the trend has to be embraced across many businesses.  Though after the invention of Chocobat (3D printer that could print chocolates) by Global 3D labs they now launched Pramaan which is the largest 3D printer that can print complete furniture, functional robots and home decor in a single go. Still many need to adopt the trend in India as they are unaware about such advancements in the business world and hesitant to pay for such printing materials.

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