A New 3D Angle With Lix 3D Printing Pen

Lix 3D Printing Pen

So, are you excited about drawing in thin air? Imagine this wonderful technology of 3D printing can help you in so many ways. If you want your ideas to come to life, then using this innovative technology will be surely exciting. Unlike 3D printers which require some level of computer expertise, a 3D printing pen is much easier to use.

How a 3D printing pen works?

3D pen is the new piece of technology which is gaining immense popularity amongst artists and others who can unleash their creative potential to create amazing 3D prints. It is a ground breaking invention.

A 3D printing pen is something which has a bulky look when compared to other ordinary pens or pencils. Unlike ordinary pens, it operates using plastic. Though it is used in a similar way like a normal pen or pencil, but there are many other ways in which it can be used.

This pen uses plastic instead of ink. A plastic filament is inserted in this pen and then it is heated using the heating technology. This helps to melt the plastic which can be further used on different surfaces to create things. A 3D pen works on the same principle of glue gun.

Lix 3D Printing Pen Drawing

Choosing your 3D pen:

Choosing a 3D printing pen is just like choosing your paintbrush. So, you will need to understand the feel, how comfortable it is to hold and the way in which it will work. So, it is easier to work with it.

In this 3d printing pen review we will talk about a 3D printing pen from LIX. We will talk about its features in brief so you can decide for yourself whether you should go for it or not.

Add value to your work:

Lix 3D printing pen will help you add value to your work. It is lightweight and comes with many controls. If you are new in the profession of 3D printing, then Lix can be your favorite companion as it is a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers or anyone who would like to achieve heights in the field of 3D printing.

With Lix you can draw and write in the air. It functions similar to 3D printers. You can create rigid and free standing structures as the pen quickly melts and cools the Lix colored plastic.


A cheaper option:

Regular folks or experienced artists can use this pen in ample of ways. You cannot compare a 3D printer with the 3D printing pen because machines work more accurately than human hands, but to change your ideas to reality, a 3d printing pen is worth the purchase. It is cheaper than the printers but then 3D printers have their own benefits. If you want to loosen up your creative side, then Lix will keep you contented.


USB port friendly:

A 3D pen will need some power to heat up the plastic filling. So, 3D drawing can be made easily. Lix can draw power with the help of USB port and it is a great relief when you have to design continuously. Just plug it with the USB port and you are ready to go and create nonstop.

A great learning option causing no hassles: Lix is the best 3D pen as it is a high end product to enjoy a seamless artistic experience. Lix pen looks nice and aesthetic and it is ideal for every age group. If you are trying to give some activity to the kids, you must be with your children when you are using this pen for it heats fast and till the time your kids gets a hang of it, it is better to allow them to use this pen under supervision. It is easier to absorb abstract concepts in a conventional way.

Lix is a professional 3D pen which will help you embrace the new technology and take your 3D printing experience to the next level once you know how to use the gadget perfectly.

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