3D Printer MendelMax 3 User Review

3D Printing is not an ordinary printing technology and to pursue your passion in 3D printing, investing in something that makes this art more lucrative is cleverness.

The MendelMax 3D printer kit is more inclined towards fulfilling commercial needs rather than meeting the demand of hobbyists, and as you go through this MendelMax 3 review you will be able to meticulously analyze the characteristics of the printer.


MENDELMAX 3D PrinterMENDELMAX 3, a truly hardcore 3D printer is a hallmark to make 3D printing more interesting. The earlier versions of MendelMax 1, 1.5 and the MendelMax 2 still showcased RepRap style, but MENDELMAX 3 is built heavily on custom sheet metal parts. There are many extras or add-ons done to improve the user experience and we have compiled most aspects of the printer to help you understand the working of it so you can decide about its aptness.

We call it a smart MENDELMAX 3 kit as it is designed greatly and performs flawless with a little fine tuning and maintenance.


But let’s see; are the features capable enough to take 3d printing with a storm?

The heated bed can print voluminously. In previous MendelMax versions different rail systems were used and these are upgraded to vslot wheels which easily glide with zero play to get perfect axis rigidity which is a prime mechanical factor to obtain high print quality. You can expect and print 3D models in high quality.

The aluminium frame is sleek and made of sturdy steel instead of a bulky aluminium steel plate which was in MendelMax 2. The steel plate is laser cut and powder coated to fit and finish precisely in the new version.

The print quality overshadows other printers and the modular construction allows you to assemble the printer systematically, “step by step”.


Assembling the printer:

Without attention and effort, assembling Mendelmax 3 parts list is challenging, but if you go systematically, you don’t have to battle with the printer when it comes to assembling. There are many steps when you assemble the parts, but everything will be in sync if you follow it in the recommended order. It’s simple to maintain.



There is significant improvement in extruder and X carriage when compared to previous versions. It is rigid and rock solid, capable to mount dual extruders and has an extremely simple hotend mount which makes it easy to level the dual nozzles painlessly.

It works amazingly with 1.7mm filament and as the weight is down and dual direct drive extruders extremely smoothens.


Led Lights:

A classic feature of Mendelmax 3 parts list is the LED lighting. The colour of the LED changes when the printer is warming up. The colour changes to blue and then to red. It shows the Hotend status while you print. LED functions can be programmed easily by the user and there is diagnostic as well as status indication which is included only in the deluxe kit.



The auto bed makes printing smooth and the advanced linear motion system requires no play virtually. The motion is accurate. The design outweighs functionality to some extent. Motors are moved entirely inboard as the base is a well contained unit. The top deck below the bed is not open and there is no stress of dropping things down just under the bed in the base accidentally.


We tried covering most of the things in this 3D printer review and you can have a look at some of the specs mentioned below to take a more wide idea about the printer.




  • Build Area Dimensions: Approximately 250 x 315 x 197mm / 10 x 12.5 x 8″
  • Print Volume: 15,513 cc / 947 CI
  • Hotend: E3D V6 All Metal Hot End with 0.4mm nozzle for 1.75mm filament
  • Control Electronics: RAMBo Controller from Ultimachine.com
  • Supported Filament: 75 mm PLA and ABS; other materials like Nylon, PVA, and Laywoo-D3 are experimental
  • Usable Maximum Print Speed: 80-150 mm/sec or more depending on the part, print material, and extruder
  • Usable Maximum Movement Speed: 500+ mm/sec
  • Layer Height: There is no pre-defined limit. We recommend 100 – 320 micron. 20-100 micon layer heights are possible with more printing experience. Larger layer heights (up to 1mm) are possible with an optional replacement nozzle.
  • X & Y Axis Resolution: 01 mm (10 Micron)
  • Z Lead screws: High Speed two-start lead screws, 4mm movement per rotation
  • Frame: Aluminum and powder coated steel construction
  • Movement: Precision roller bearings on all three axes.
  • Heated Bed: 24V 220W Heated Bed included
  • Power Requirements: The included power supply is compatible with 120 and 240VAC
  • Footprint: 390 mm x 430 mm / 15.5 x 17″
  • Dimensions including all movement: 495 mm x 640 mm x 460 mm / 19.5 x 25.5 * 18″
  • Primary components are all made in the USA
  • US Power cord included: The printer is compatible with power globally, but international customers will need to provide a standard desktop PC power cord suitable for your country


As we sum up the complete experience of Mendelmax 3, this printer needs to be assembled and there is no plug and play option.

You get a capable printer to print decently as you learn to assemble it, which will be easier with instructions.  It is certainly not a printer for beginners and if you looking to upgrade, then this is your kind of printer. It is not a replica of RepRap and nor does it has an open source design, but it holds the value like high end printers from RepRaps.

Last but not the least, the price of $1495 for the single extruder version and $1645 for the dual extruder version is reasonable enough to meet you professional printing needs.

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