Latest 3D Printers Launch By Structo: OrthoForm & OmniForm

Singapore based 3D Printer manufacturer Structo 3D have recently launched new 3D PrintersOrthoForm and OmniForm, giving more versatility to the medical industry. Company uncovered the items in Inside3D Singapore(Inside3D Singapore at the end of last month.) at the end of last month.

Structo 3D is doing great with their proprietary liquid crystal masking technology, allowing 3D printers to operate at great speed, up to ten times faster than other existing SLA machines. The new release OrthoForm & OmniForm seems doing no compromise in speed though smaller in size and Structo 3D plans to introduce them to their client base for higher speed printing.

The OmniForm offers a larger build height and more versatility to clients like industrial designers, architects, the medical profession, and also to 3D printing service bureaus whereas The OrthoForm designed to give more value to medical industry specifically in dental market.

According Huub van Esbroeck, one of Structo’s four founders –

When we started three years ago, we were amazed at how slow 3D printing was despite commonly being referred to as a means of ‘rapid’ prototyping. Knowing that the lack of large scale printing at fast speeds would limit the industry moving forward, we completely relooked at how this could be achieved. As a result, we came up with a new, faster method to SLA printing which no one else was doing, and yet could still provide the dimensional accuracy people expect. We’re excited at the possibilities of this technology.

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