Da Vinci lineup from XYZprinting in Taiwan is proves to be frontrunner

XYZprinting in Taiwan releases 3D design and models. These 3D printers have proved to be tough competitors for their contemporaries. The main attraction is the wide of range of innovation that they offer. People throughout the world are relying on them as they provide perfect combination of features and affordability, leading to that goal of accessibility for many–and with the proof widely apparent as they remain a constant forerunner in online sales. Known as the da Vinci Mini 3D printer, these 3D printing machines have won the CES Editors’ Choice Award for 2016.

Both pros and beginners can use these printers to create 3D designs. These have Nobel SLA 3D printer that makes them innovative pieces. Moreover, the company is evolving itself to offer a realistic one stop shop for users. XYZprinting is exploring new technologies to beat the competition. The latest one is a software solution, XYZmaker. As per the company this is a very simple solution that is available to accentuate their product line that is already popular among the users. Even novices can easily work with this new software. If you are a member of XYZprinting, you can download the software for free. No matter your level of designing and 3D printing acumen, members can look forward to exploring a 3D warehouse stocked with existing 3D models. XYZmaker also offers simple tools so that a variety of shapes can be chosen and generated easily and then can be manipulated for turning, adjusting, and placing into groups. XYZmaker is fully compatible with all of XYZprinting’s printer ranges, and allows files to be exported in .stl, .obj, .amf or .ply format for external use.

Simon Shen, CEO at XYZprinting states that the 3D printers have come a long way and are easily accessible and user-friendly. It is 3D modeling that remains restrictive yet and is difficult to understand if the user does not have a design background. He hopes that the launch of XYZmaker will bridge that gap and help everyone to be the maker.


If you are a novice and want to explore the world of 3D printing and design, then XYZprinting is the first platform to begin.

XYZprinting, Taiwanese manufacturer, was founded in 2013 and is a subsidiary of Kinpo Group. It has offices in China, Japan, the United States and Europe. The company is known for  ‘breaking down the barriers of 3D printer ownership.’

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