AUT Created Artifitial 3D Printed Comb That Helps Bees Make More Honey

According to latest sources, AUT University (Auckland University of Technology) have created an artificial comb like beehive which leaves bees more time for making more honey.

Bees have to waste lots of honey to make their beehive where they store honey, almost 8 times of honey require to create the wax. Nearly 60,000 bees takes a week to create it but with the 3D Printed comb, it can be done in one day.
“It takes a lot of energy for bees to make comb,” says beekeeper Richard Evatt. “They have to consume a lot of honey. It’s six to eight times the amount of honey to one times the wax.”
The artificial beehive created by computer software can analyse the sound of bees and create 3D object at the same time saving previous time and energy. Ready-to-go comb means more honey and more money, and it’s got beekeepers and bee experts buzzing. Now it will challenging for the designers to get the bees really buzzing by figuring out how to print artificial comb out of beeswax.


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