5 Best 3D Printing Pen

Its 3D World. Never imagined one day we would be able to make 3D objects with a pen. Course from drawing on paper to making 3D dimensional object s been really incredible for us. Latest innovation gives you power to shape your imagination with 3D Printing Pen.

3D Pen often referred as 3D Doodler was developed by Peter Dilworth. The 3D Pen works on simple principle by extruding heated plastic which gets cool immediately into a solid and stable structure object. People also call it Glue Gun for 3D printing. When we talk about 3D Printing pen, you get plenty of option to choose as per your requirement. Companies like Sinuote, DEWANG, 3Doodler offer variety of products. Covering all 3D Pen is not possible in this blog but we talk about 5 best 3D Printing Pen rated high by users –


1. Sinuote Art 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen Printer For 3D Drawing

Sinuote Art 3D Stereoscopic Printing is one the best 3D Printer pen in the market. This works more or less like normal 3D Printers though it has limitations. It makes plastic polymer available as a colored filament ribbon, which then emerges in the form of a malleable ribbon at the end of the pen. Best use for hobbyists and kids.

Sinuote 3D Printing PenSpecification –

  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.8 x 9.1 inches ; 15.8 ounces
  • Extrusion Mode ; Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting
  • Formation: 3D
  • Drawing Margin;None
  • Width of extrusion: Manual
  • Material used; ABS PLA
  • Diameter of Filament;1.75 mm
  • Speed Of extrusion: adjustable
  • Nozzle Hole size : 0.7mm
  • Heating Temperature: 160-250degree
  • Adapter current ; 100/250V 3A
  • Pen electric spec: DC 12V 2A 24w
  • The DC head diameter: 3-5cm
  • Pen overall height: 19.5cm
  • Net weight ; 145g
  • Package weight : 484g
  • Package dimension ; 22*16*8cm

2. DEWANG 3d Printer Pen 2.0 Pencil Machine with LCD Display

DEWANG 3d Printer Pen 2.0 Pencil Machine comes with LCD Display and different 22 Colors 1.7MM Filament 5 meter per color. It is also one of the best 3D printing pen for painting lovers, designers and students. The Electric heating nozzle integrated with the Pen and it has features to adjust temperature with a button which also control the time of drawing.

DEWANG 3d Printer PenSpecification –

  • Main Product Dimensions: 170×22 x 63mm (L x W x D)
  • Input: AC 100V-250V
  • Output: DC 12V 3A 24W
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.7mm
  • Output Materials Type: Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Molding Method: 3D Modeling
  • Filament: ABS
  • Printing Area: Unlimited
  • Sprinkle Speed: Adjustable
  • Heating Temperature: 160 to 230 Degree Celsius (Adjustable)

3. 3Doodler 3DOOD-V2-US 3D Printing Pen

When we talk about 3D Pen, 3D Doodler is the name we imagine. The latest and redisgned version of 3D Doodler is among the best 3D Printer Pen. With the 3Doodler 2.0, you can sculpt amazing objects and models from the ground up. To use it, you just need to Simply place the meltable plastic drawing sticks in your 3Doodler 2.0 and plug it in and make anything you wish. This glue gun gives you natural feel of your drawing.


Features –

  • Turn your sketches into amazing 3D sculptures.
  • Slimmer (75% smaller), lighter (only 1.8 oz!), and stronger than the original
  • Enhanced airflow cools the plastic almost immediately, making it even easier to doodle in the air
  • Easy to useGCohas 2 speeds to control the flow
  • New double-click function provides continuous flow so you can draw without having to hold down any buttons
  • Sleek anodized aluminum housing is easier to hold and feels great to touch
  • Fully re-engineered drive system allows for smoother, more consistent 3Doodles
  • Uses safe, PLA plastic “drawing sticks” that harden in seconds after dispensed
  • Redesigned nozzle delivers better performance and more accurate doodles
  • Warms up in less than 2 minutesGCoindicator light will change when the pen is ready
  • Manual temperature optimization lets you make minor flow adjustments for expertly consistent doodles
  • Includes 50 drawing sticks in 10 colors (additional sticks available in 30 colors)
  • Plugs into standard outlet and uses less than half the power of the original 3Doodler

4. Samto 3D Printing Pen with 1.75mm ABS Filament and LCD Screen

Samto 3D Printing Pen comes with 1.75mm ABS Filament and LCD Screen Ver.2015 Purple for 3D Drawing. Best suitable for children more than 8yr old. With this 3D Printing Pen you can make 3D object or trace objects on paper as well. It is user friendly and has easily control extrusion speed, temperature, filament; most important thing is it is only 65g in weight compared others in heavy design. The Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Samto 3D Printing Pen

Features – 

  • Intelligence auto standby mode after 5 minutes idling
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Heating temperature: 160-230 degree adjustable
  • With advanced thermal management, filaments jamming detection, and super silence design
  • The slender pen body suits hands habit
  • The stepless speed change by single hand
  • Create freestyle 3D objects
  • Plastic heats up and then cools to a solid shape
  • Endless creative opportunities
  • Makes a wonderful gift for creative children and adults

5. CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen with Starter Pen

CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen is simple and fast like no other 3D Printing Pen. 3D Objects can be created simpley fast. It doesn’t have any hot parts which makes it unique from others and safe for toddlers also. CreoPop uses photopolymers that are solidified using built in LEDs to let you focus on creating designs rather than being worried about burning your fingers. Changing ink takes just a few seconds. It comes with 3 Ink cartridges with it as well.

CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen

Features – 

  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.2 x 2.3 inches
  • Breakthrough Innovation – CreoPop lets you draw 3D objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shapes you like. The possibilities are endless.
  • No hot parts or melting plastic – Unlike other 3D pens there are no hot parts, no melting plastics and no unpleasant smell. Instead, CreoPop uses photopolymers that are solidified using built in LEDs to let you focus on creating designs rather than being worried about burning your fingers. Changing ink takes just a few seconds.
  • No power cord in the way – reoPop is battery operated and charged through mini USB. So there is no power cord that gets in the way of creating designs.
  • Unleash your creativity – CreoPop lets you draw three-dimensional objects with ease. Just press the button and create any shapes you like.
  • There are no hot parts so CreoPop is safe for both adults and children. Let your imagination flow. The possibilities are endless.


Enjoy Modeling with 3D Printing Pen 🙂

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