3D Printed Model Of Manhattan Exceeds Expectation And Goal

Microscape project is proving quite an attraction that includes 3D printed models of cityscapes that were introduced to Kickstarter. The funding amounted to $8,000 initially. As of now, around three weeks are left for the campaign and the initial amount had exceeded almost 5 times.

Microscape was the brainchild of architects William Ngo and Alan Silverman of TO+WN DESIGN and AJSNY, respectively. The idea of 3D printed models are not really new but what makes them stand apart is the advantages. These are low on cost, quick, and can be produced on wider scale and better details than the traditionally crafted models. You can also alter or remodel them easily. To put in a gist, for the architects, it is quite convenient and they love it. But why are we mentioning Microscape?

There are several reasons for this. The foremost is that both Ngo and Silverman have created the 3D print of the entire island of Manhattan in full detail at a scale of 1:5000. If you take a glimpse at the model, it truly presents a bird’s eye view of the entire city. It is like what you get to see from a plane. But if you take a close look, you will find that all the minute details about the ciy are present.

3D Printed ModelWhile creating the model, the architects took help of photogrammetry, aerial scan data, and manual 3D modeling. They have used 6 x 6 inches tiles for printing. Each of these tiles represent about a half mile square of New York City; about 200 tiles make up the entire city. Since the scans are continuously being taken and processed, the 3D model is also updated accordingly. Every time a new model is printed, it is an updated version representing Manhattan. A city undergoes many alterations each day. Buildings can be torn down or new ones can be built – all these changes are constantly captured in the microscape.

To launch a Kickstarter campaign does not always ensure success. It is a kind of a gamble but such risks are always associated with projects. What makes up for all the challenges is ultimately the success of the project. Microscape looks like one of those projects that will spell success for the company even before it is completed. Early bird rewards are almost sold out but the pledges still continue. The first early bird reward, which gets you one tile of your choice for $65 (retail price is expected to be about $125) has been sold out, but there are still opportunities to get a reduced-price tile for $75, $85 or $95. Two tiles are available for pledges starting at $145, three for $210, or four for $275. Once the campaign has concluded, you’ll have the option to buy the entire 200-tile island of Manhattan for $25,000.

However, Ngo and Silverman do not intend to close this with New York. They have plans to extend the same project to other boroughs of New York and finally to other US and international cities. Finally they plan to create models for any location that is chosen, that include college campuses and even small towns.


If you are interested to support this campaign, participate in the Printed Manhattan Models forum over at 3DPB.com.


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