3D Printable Liver Tissue Made Of Human Cells

Medical industry is not untouched with 3D Printing. Many companies have been creating lots of stuffs like prosthetic, skull, heart pump, Mouth operated mouse etc for the medical industry but developing a 3D Printable Liver Tissue from human cell is really something special. Claimed by an Indian company – Pandorum Technologies are pretty confident and stated that these 3D printed liver tissues are made of human cells and will allow for inexpensive medical research.

Company is hoping that with this success, reachers will need to rely less on human and animal trials and one day it will be usable for full-fledged liver transplants. This entire process could certainly save companies millions of dollars which is usually needed in research and development.

Pandorum Technologies both founders – Arun Chandru and Tuhin Bhowmick are very confident that apart from being used as test platforms, 3D printable liver tissue could also be used for other purposes.

Tuhin Bhowmick, the company co-founder said, “Development of artificial organs has numerous clinical uses. Cell based organoids can be used to develop bio-artificial liver support systems for preserving life in patients who have developed liver failure. In the near future, such artificial organs will address the acute shortage of human organs available for surgical transplantation.”

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