$100 Smartphone 3D Printer

Professor of mechanical engineering at Taiwan Tech and his research team have created a $100 smartphone-powered 3D Printer. It uses visible light emitted from a phone to cure the resin instead of UV light or lasers. The latest printer was showcased at the recently held ‘Inside 3D Printing Shanghai 2015’.

According to Digital Trends, The Phone works just like any other 3D printer. The machine starts by placing a coated vat of the specialty resin on top of a smartphone, which cures the resin onto a metal printed as the photo-polymer material is released. It uses z-axis platform to shape the design, and the phone to cure the material as it builds the object in layers. The team of scientists have been working on the prototype of the printer since one one year. They have been able to build a smartphone apps that synchronizes the smartphone screen with the motor. With this app, anyone can control and makes it easy to load and print 3D models.

Soon a scanning features would be added to allow users to scan a 3D object using their phone, insert the phone into the 3D printer, and print up the model with minimal effort. The smartphone certainly has major flaw at present but “Jeng” is hopeful to resolve all the issue.

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